Watershed offers a flexible range of programs and services to support rural women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ individuals, including those impacted by gender-based violence and social isolation, to move from survival mode into sustainable livelihoods.


Our team works in collaboration with community members to build physical assets, social assets, personal assets, human assets, and financial assets to address existing social and economic barriers, increase well-being, build skills and opportunities.

Watershed participants have opportunities to: 
‌- Access community supports, assistance and emergency resources 
‌- Enjoy connections that meet social and emotional needs 
‌- Increase sense of belonging to local community 
‌- Develop skills, knowledge, attitudes to establish and maintain safe, healthy relationships 
‌- Develop empowerment, coping, self-efficacy 
‌- Increase trauma awareness 

We offer: 
‌Supportive counselling 
‌Staff provide non-judgmental, feminist–based counselling and support, cycle of violence and healthy relationship education, pattern changing and healthy coping strategies, and practices to support well-being, self-care, and self-compassion. 

Safety planning 
‌Staff support service users to identify assets and risks, name allies, resources, and relevant supports, to develop plan for steps to safety, customize a crisis toolkit, and to revise plans as needed. 

‌Information, referral, systems navigation and advocacy 
‌Provide information and referral including crisis supports, non-emergency referrals, and provide ongoing support for those navigating complex systems. 

‌Peer Support 
‌Space for communities of women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people to gather, share knowledge and learning, build social bonds, participate in well-being and social activities. In peer groups participants increase connections, build self and social confidence, critical thinking skills, healthy lifestyle behaviours, and resilience.

Sustainable livelihoods support 
‌Individual and group opportunities to increase knowledge, skills and connections in support of sustainable livelihoods and self-determination. Includes resource information, legal rights, financial literacy, and employment readiness sessions. 

‌Wrap-around supports 
‌Provide basic needs supports, gender-based violence safety supports, transportation, crisis service outreach, childcare funding, and other customized supports. Our community cupboard provides practical supplies to community members, including period products, pregnancy tests, condoms, toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, and other helpful items. 

‌Microloan program 
‌A microloan program to provide interest-free loans to people impacted by gender-based violence in support of self-determinism, building financial stability and establishing safety.

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 Participating offers me the possibility of a positive and welcoming connection on a weekly basis. I can show up as myself in whatever state I'm in.
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