Seniors Active Living

We offer tools, resources and support to help empower seniors aged 55+ lead more meaningful lives. 


Seniors Active Living Centre programs promote wellness, social interaction, and education to help seniors remain active, independent, and engaged. These programs are designed to improve quality of life by offering social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs that promote health. 
‌The program model of care delivery supports socially isolated seniors who would benefit from the opportunities that would improve their access by utilizing hybrid, in-person, phone, or web-based and mobile outreach in rural and remote communities. 
‌SALC programs tackle social isolation, which, left unaddressed, can affect the health and well-being of seniors and lead to depression and increased vulnerability. 
‌The promotion and support of volunteer participation is linked to improved quality of life, stronger social networks, increased mental health, and higher physical activity levels.

‌SALC participants have opportunities for 
‌- Physical activities and exercise gatherings with other seniors 
‌- Service navigation and support with community referrals and resources education and learning opportunities 
‌- Experience with the arts
‌- Technology tutorials 
‌- Cooking with Friends 
‌- Promoting nutrition 
‌- Bus trips and events 
‌- Access to transportation opportunities 

We offer
‌Weekly aerobic classes
‌Pump It Up provides warm-up, cardiorespiratory endurance, cool-downs, muscle strength and endurance, balance and stretching taught by a team of CCAA-certified senior volunteer fitness instructors. 

‌Weekly Zumba Gold classes with Monika
‌Monika is a certified Zumba instructor. Zumba promotes building confidence with functional mobility in combination with cardiovascular, toning, and balance. Zumba Gold offers moves that are designed to be easy to follow for everyone. You don’t need any dance or exercise experience at all to get started. Like regular Zumba, Zumba Gold is exhilarating and effective, offering a full-body workout at a less intense level.

NEW!  Muscle Up Strength and Tone
‌For those who enjoy a higher level of challenge and wish to improve strength and agility. We'll focus on mat work and strengthening and agility exercises. Consider bringing your own equipment (mat, weights, et cetera). Our instructors are CCAA-certified through Western University. Registration and fitness intake is required prior to participation.

‌Weekly Yoga Classes
Gentle movement, meditation, and breath practice with a certified instructor.  Stay tuned for information about upcoming classes.

Outdoor Walking Club
‌An all-seasons walking group in Killaloe. 

‌Community Craft Circle
‌Bring your current creative projects and knit/sew/spin/make in the company of other local folks. 

‌Community Lunches
‌In Brudenell, Lyndoch, and Raglan every month. Share a nutritious volunteer-prepared meal in the company of others from your community and enjoy live music.

‌Cooking with Friends Program

‌Cooking with Friends provides support through community outreach along with the preparation of communal meals in the CRC's commercial kitchen. This program addresses social isolation, reducing the need to travel, exposure to intergenerational programming, and highlights mentorship opportunities. It emphasizes the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet, and just how impactful food is on your overall health. 

Tech tutorials
‌In partnership with the Killaloe & District Public Library for any tech questions or support you may need. 

Painting with Pat
‌Monthly art meetup to paint and be guided by an experienced local artist. Everything you need is supplied. Fun and creativity in one amazing class! Registration is required.
 It is wonderful to have such emphasis on programming opportunities for seniors. It makes a big impact on individuals, and their qualify of life. Especially for those who live alone, like myself.”
Program Participant

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